Reef Check Best Diving Practices

Respect the Reef

• Observe but don't handle marine life

• Avoid feeding reef creatures

• Use waterproof sun block

• Leave no trash behind

Bring home memories, not reef scrapes

• Master neutral buoyancy

• Keep dive gear from dragging on the reef

• Stand and walk on sand, not on corals

• Keep fins away from the reef

Know and Follow Local Regulations

• Respect no-fishing and no-collecting areas

• Stay within catch and size limits

• If collecting shells, make sure they are empty

Go Blue

• Patronize reef-friendly dive shops, hotels and tourist operators especially Reef Check Certified Facilities

• Ask what operators are doing to monitor and protect their reefs

Get Involved

• Join Reef Check and become an EcoDiver

• Help spread best diving practices

• Take a reef education course