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New Ways to Support Reef Check


Planet Green Recycling
Planet Green Recycling remanufactures inkjet cartridges and old cell phones. Reef Check will receive funds for every empty inkjet cartridge or old cell phone that we send in for recycling. In addition to the money we receive from recycling, Reef Check will also receive a 15% donation for every cartridge purchased on our Planet Green site ( Items can either be dropped off at our office or mailed to us.

Green Boot Media
Make your steps count! Use Green Boot Media's iPhone pedometer application and submit your steps in favor of Reef Check. The more steps submitted for Reef Check, the more media exposure we can receive. The number of steps submitted in our favor also determines how Green Boot Media will allocate their funds for charity at the end of every month. 15% of all company proceeds go to their listed charities. Reef Check's code is 1081, which is needed when submitting your steps. Click here to download the application. Additional instructions can be found at:

Cars 4 Causes
Reef Check has partnered with Cars 4 Causes to process vehicle donations. Cars 4 Causes is America's 1st vehicle donation charity and specializes in turning donated vehicles into cash for your favorite charity. Your donation to Cars 4 Causes will help raise money for Reef Check. Click here for details.