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Happy Holidays from Reef Check, Thank You for a Wonderful Year!


Dear Reef Check Supporter,

Coral reefs and California rocky reef ecosystems are underwater, so don't get the same attention as polar bears or elephants. Sadly reefs are "out-of-sight out-of-mind" for most people. So we need to work extra hard to raise awareness about the issues facing reefs and the solutions we are implementing. Therefore, your continued support for Reef Check is so important.

With your support this year we have moved to a new Marina del Rey office with classroom space for touch tanks for kids education programs. We also launched the redesigned Reef Check website. We continue to carry out training programs, surveys, outreach and conservation activities in California and around the world. Special highlights of 2015 include:

Tropical Program Successes:

California Program Successes:

Our Goals for 2016 are to:

With your help, we can continue the world's only truly global reef monitoring program. Please make your tax deductible contribution to help save reefs at:

Thank you. Have a wonderful holiday and fantastic 2016!

Yours truly,

Gregor Hodgson, PhD
Executive Director