Funding and PR

Reef Check is a totally volunteer activity so all teams need to be self supporting. Don't despair, there are many innovative ways that teams have devised to support their surveys. Good public relations can also help you to raise funds, as well as helping Reef Check meet an important goal of raising public awareness about coral reefs.


Don't be shy about raising funds! Use your network of friends, and ask for support from standard and non-standard sources. You may be surprised at the results.

Many teams have been sponsored by large companies, others by local dive shops and small businesses. Remember that support comes in many guises, not just financial. Use your imagination. This list should give you some ideas.

You need to show these potential sponsors that they will reap rewards by actively supporting Reef Check:

Public Relations

One of Reef Check's two goals is raising public awareness about coral reefs. To do this we need to spread the word to the local media. You should plan ahead for your local, regional, national and international media interactions. Consider using the following channels:

How To Handle The Media

Read Getting the most from the media

Reef Check's Key Selling Points: