Reef Check FAQ

Why are there several different prices for Reef Check California Trainings?

There are several different types and classifications of trainings. All trainings that are followed by two asterisks, for example FB08002**, are for university students at the school designated in the Note. In the case of Fort Bragg these classes are for Humboldt State students ONLY. The reason the cost of these courses are listed as $0 is because the University reimburses Reef Check for the costs of training materials, uses University resources for field training and University staff members have been certified as Reef Check California Instructors and teach the course.

The course for University of Santa Barbara students UCSB09001** is a unique situation where the UCSB students join a community class for their field training and the special student rate to help offset a small portion of the boat charter costs for that course is $100.

All community members who have not yet participated in a Reef Check California Training have two different training options.  They can sign up for a training that in addition to 2 days in the classroom, has either 2 day trips on a dive charter for $200 or a 2 day overnight dive charter that includes meals for $300. The training fees of $200 or $300 also include the rest of the class instruction and materials. More information about what your training fees cover is available at the following link:

All trainings listed at $50 are recertifications and areonly available for divers who have successfully completed a Reef Check California Training previously.