Reef Check FAQ

How can I participate in a Reef Check survey?

Volunteer divers should find a Reef Check Trainer or participate in regional and national training programs. Our EcoDiver program is a multilevel program for kids and adults consisting of Discover Reef Check and EcoDiver courses.
Reef Check offers several Certification Courses in all regions of the world. Click here for a list of our certified training facilities. You are also welcom to contact any of out regional coordinators to see how you can get involved.
Another way to participate in a Reef Check survey is through our EcoExpeditions. Reef Check partners with multiple expedition groups all over the world to create exciting and valuable research expeditions to monitor coral reefs. Expeditions are tailored to certified and non-certified divers alike, so dive in to help conserve the world's reefs!

Expeditions are currently operating in a number of countries with some of the most extraordinary reefs in the world – check back often as new expeditions are added to the list on a continual basis.