Reef Check FAQ

How can I become more involved?

The most direct way many of our volunteers become involved is by participating in a Reef Check survey. This can be done while snorkeling, however most conduct surveys while scuba diving. There are many parts of the world where your involvement could mean a great deal to local communities with a desire to monitor and manage their reef resources, but which lack the capability to do so. We have coordinators and Reef Check teams in over 80 countries and territories worldwide. Click here for a complete list of our coordinators. You may contact the regional coordinators directly to find out what opportunities may be available to get involved.

You can also visit one of our certified training facilities to be certified as a Reef Check EcoDiver.

We also need volunteers to help out at our California office as well as various outreach events (mostly in the Los Angeles area). If you are interested, fill out our volunteer form.

If you are interested in staying closer to home, perhaps you can consider trying some of the other ways that our volunteers have chosen to get involved. Click here to find out about other ways you can help.

- Talk to your local dive shops: see if they would be interested in organizing an RC trip where divers can give back to the reefs they love.

- Have a mini-fundraiser: 8-year-old Kimberly McCarty of California had a lemonade stand and donated $8.00 to help save coral reefs. Every penny counts!

- Be a conscious consumer: know what fish you are eating and from where it comes so you can make sustainable choices

- Spread the word: help educate others about the plight of coral reefs. Refer them to our website, pass along our brochures, or have them contact us here at headquarters.