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Reef Check EcoDiver

  • Become certified to conduct your own Reef Check surveys and take an active role in conserving your favorite coral reefs. This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to conduct full scale Reef Check surveys. In this program you will learn all about the globally standardized Reef Check methodology as well as how to identify key indicator fish, invertebrates and substrates selected by Reef Check for global monitoring and conservation of coral reefs! This course will allow you to join the Reef Check monitoring team and assist in underwater surveys around the world.

    Overview: 2-3 day course with EcoDiver kit. This is an intensive certification course designed to teach individuals everything that is needed to conduct Reef Check monitoring surveys. Course will include a background in Reef Check methodology as well as identification trainings for fish, invertebrates and substrates for generalized geographic locations. Includes both classroom and field work.

    Requirements: Participant is comfortable using mask, fins and snorkel or is a certified scuba diver. Age of 12 or above.

    Materials: Reef Check EcoDiver Kit (available in the Sea Store for Caribbean or Indo-Pacific, or provided by the trainer as part of the course)

    Testing and Certification: PowerPoint ID test (80% to pass) and field ID test (90%) to obtain regional certification. Certification qualifies holder to participate in Reef Check surveys in the region and to submit their data to the global database. Optional certification card is available.

    If you are already an EcoDiver and would like to transfer to a new region (e.g. Pacific to Caribbean), you will need to pass the identification tests. Purchase of the EcoDiver materials for that region is also required. Please contact for details.

    Check off the Training Facility option at to find a certified Reef Check training facility at your next diving destination!