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Reef Check EcoDiver Trainer

  • This course teaches qualified Reef Check EcoDivers to become certified Reef Check EcoDiver Trainers. EcoDiver Trainers can certify standard Reef Check EcoDivers and can teach the Discover Reef Check introductory course.
    Prerequisites: Is a certified Reef Check EcoDiver, aged 18 years or above, and has completed any one of the following:

    a.  has completed a minimum of 8 Reef Check surveys, or, 
    b.  has completed 4 or more academic or regionally recognized surveys (e.g. AGRRA) plus 6 Reef Check surveys, or,
    c.  has a Master's degree in marine biology and has completed a minimum of 6 Reef Check surveys.

    In all cases, the potential trainer must have personally completed at least 2 of each of the three survey types (substrate, invertebrate, and fish) and the Reef Check survey data must have been accepted into the Reef Check database at Reef Check Headquarters.

    Materials :EcoDiver and Reef Check Trainers Kit (if you already have an EcoDiver kit, only the Trainer's materials will need to be purchased)

    Testing and Certification Written test (80% to pass) and field test (90%) to obtain regional certification. Certification qualifies holder to participate in Reef Check surveys in the region and to submit their data to the global database and to train and certify Reef Check EcoDivers. Optional certification card is available. If you are already an EcoDiver Trainer and would like to transfer to a new region (e.g. Pacific to Caribbean), you will need to pass the identification tests. Purchase of the EcoDiver Trainer materials for that region is also required.

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