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Discover Reef Check

  • Become a marine biologist for an afternoon! This half-day course allows you to see firsthand how marine biologists conduct coral reef research and try your hand at some of the sampling techniques used in monitoring coral reefs. Whether you are a snorkeler or a diver, if you have ever wondered what it is that marine biologists do while underwater, this is your chance to find out!

    Overview: Half-day course with Discover kit. This is an introductory course for individuals to learn the basic principles of coral reef monitoring using the globally standardized Reef Check monitoring methods. The main focus is to provide insight on how these scientific techniques and equipment are applied in the field. Includes both classroom and field work.

    Prerequisites :
    Can swim and use a swim mask, fins and snorkel

    Materials :
    Discover Reef Check Kit (available in the Sea Store for Caribbean or Indo-Pacific, or provided by the trainer as part of the course)

    Testing and Certification:
    No test; participants receive a Certificate of Completion

    The Discover Reef Check course is a great introduction to what you will learn if you wish to become an EcoDiver.

    Check off the Training Facility option at to find a certified Reef Check training facility at your next diving destination!