About Reef Check's EcoDiver Program

Did you ever dream of becoming a marine biologist or do you just love snorkeling? The Reef Check EcoDiver program allows anyone with an interest in the ocean - from kids to adults - to learn more about tropical coral reefs. Reef Check combines education with action to give volunteers a unique experience while taking an active role in conserving the world's reefs. The EcoDiver program allows participants the rare opportunity to work with teams of scientists throughout the world to combat the crises affecting our reefs today. The world's reefs are changing fast, and it is up to us to ensure that reefs are around for future generations.

How can you help?  Simple. If you are a beginner snorkeler or diver, enroll in the half-day Discover Reef Check Course. If you have experience snorkeling and diving and want to do more, enroll in a 3-day EcoDiver certification course that qualifies you to help our teams to monitor reefs worldwide.

With teams established in more than 90 countries and territories, there are a multitude of reefs to survey at nearly every diving destination worldwide. Experienced divers may also wish to participate in or take part in one of our signature Reef Check EcoExpeditions

Using the globally standardized scientific protocol, the Reef Check EcoDiver program collects valuable data to establish the status of coral reefs world wide. The data are analyzed and used locally by marine park managers, nationally by fisheries and environment managers and internationally by organizations including United Nations agencies to help better track and care for coral reefs.

Not SCUBA certified? Many locations offer EcoDiver courses for snorkelers as well. You can also collect valuable coral reef data using our Underwater Reef Guides, waterproof identification guides for common fish, invertebrates and seabed types with an attached slate to mark down what you see on the reef. 

Want to learn more? We offer Professional Training Workshops targeted at government, non-profit organization staff and dive professionals who would like to learn how to design a monitoring program for an MPA or a country, to analyze and report on the data collected, and to use the information generated from monitoring to make informed management decisions. For more information on our Professional Training Workshops click on the titles below: