• Reef Check California EcoExpedition: Big Sur, California


    June 17 - 20, 2019

    EXPEDITION COST $350, Reef Check California certified surveyors only


    The one hundred miles of California’s Big Sur coast is one of the most remote, unique and pristine stretches of marine ecosystems along the west coast of the United States. For the past three years, Reef Check California has complete successful EcoExpeditions along the Big Sur coast as part of a sustained effort for the long-term monitoring of this unique coastal ecosystem. The data we collected is publicly available on Reef Check’s Global Reef Tracker for scientists, marine managers and the general public to use. This year we plan to return to measure differences in marine life to ascertain what trends are occurring and what steps need to be taken to protect these remote ecosystems. On this expedition, a team of trained volunteer citizen scientists will conduct Reef Check surveys along this coast using our survey protocols that are used throughout the rest of the state.

    Join us for a 4-day expedition where we will survey new sites along this remote coast. Boat leaves out of Morro Bay at 2:00 am on Monday the 17th (you can board the night before).

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  • Reef Check California EcoExpedition: Northern Channel Islands, California


    August 4 - 7, 2019

    EXPEDITION COST $325, Reef Check California certified surveyors only


    Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, located off the coast of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties in California, is one of 14 federally designated marine protected areas in US waters. Reef Check has established 17 survey sites on Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and San Miguel islands and our goal is to survey as many of these sites as possible during our expedition. The data we collect is publicly available on Reef Check’s Global Reef Tracker for scientists, marine managers and the general public to use. Join us for a 3-day expedition where we will survey sites inside the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. The boat leaves out of Ventura at 3:00 am on August 5th (you can board the night before starting at 8 pm).

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  • Reef Check/Biosphere Expeditions EcoExpedition: Maldives


    September 7 - 13, 2019

    EXPEDITION COST €2180 (approx. £1,960 | US$2497 | AU$3484)


    This marine volunteering expedition with SCUBA diving will take you to the beautiful 26 coral atolls that make up the Republic of Maldives. Based on a very luxurious and modern liveaboard yacht, you will help marine biologists study and protect the Maldives' spectacular coral reefs and resident whale shark population. All this because the Maldives government identified a need for further research and monitoring work as far back as 1997. Biosphere Expeditions is addressing this need with your help and will train you as a Reef Check EcoDiver. With this qualification you will then gather important reef and whale shark data.

    For more information about the Maldives EcoExpedition and how to sign up, please visit:

  • Reef Check Italia EcoExpedition: Bangka, North Sulawesi, Indonesia


    October 3 - 11, 2019

    EXPEDITION COST € 1007 see details below


    Reef Check Italia onlus, the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences of the Sam Ratulangi University (FFMS-UNSRAT), Manado, Indonesia and Coral Eye organise an international field course on coral reefs monitoring approaches opened to both marine biology students and diver volunteers from around the world. The course, taught in English, aims to:

    - provide the basic knowledge for identification of hard corals and their diseases
    - present an overview on the well-established coral reef monitoring approaches, including Reef Check and Coral Watch protocols
    - learn and apply these methods underwater
    - contribute to the monitoring and conservation of the coral reefs at the Bangka outpost

    Lectures and seminars will be alternated with day and night dives, as well as practical sessions in the lab. At the end of the course it is expected that participants demonstrate what they learned and discuss the results achieved. Participants will obtain Reef Check EcoDiver certification.

    Cost details: Full board accommodation (9 days/8 nights) and dives cost € 800.00 and must be paid to Coral Eye upon arrival. Soft drinks/beers and additional excursions are not included.

    Course fee, including teaching materials and Reef Check certificate, is € 200.00 and must be paid to Reef Check Italia as a non-refundable deposit upon confirmation.

    Moreover, a small donation to the Bangka Conservation Foundation (100,000 IDR ~ 7.00 Euros) will be required on site.

    Reef check Italia onlus is offering 5 grants to partially cover the accommodation costs to the most deserving undergraduate students and young (<28 yrs.) graduate biologists or naturalists on the basis of their CV, including diver qualifications and previous volunteer experiences.

    For further details contact Reef Check Italia onlus at or visit:

  • Reef Check/Biosphere Expeditions EcoExpedition: Musandam, Oman


    November 24 - 30, 2019

    EXPEDITION COST €2320 (approx. £2,086 | US$2658 | AU$3708)


    This SCUBA diving citizen science expedition will take you to the United Arab Emirates and from there to the remote and mountainous Musandam peninsula of Oman. Based on a comfortable and modern liveboard yacht, you will study the diverse coral reefs fringing the areas where the spectacular mountains plunge into the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. These reefs boast a rich mixture of beautiful corals and a multitude of fish and other animals. This pioneering study to map this unique underwater environment has already led to the creation of two protected areas. But more data on the biological status of the reefs and of population levels of key indicator species are needed for educational purposes and to be able to put forward further ideas for more and larger marine protection areas. Data will also be used to make informed management and conservation decisions within the area. The expedition includes training as a Reef Check EcoDiver.

    The expedition includes training as a Reef Check EcoDiver.For more information about the Oman EcoExpedition and how to sign up, please visit:

  • Reef Check Tobago EcoExpedition


    Second and third Tuesday of every month

    EXPEDITION COST $699 (one week) or $1099 (two weeks)


    The Environmental Research Institute Charlotteville (ERIC), Tobago, is the centre for Reef Check in Trinidad and Tobago and a not-for-profit organisation committed to an integrated community and ecosystem-based management approach for Northeast Tobago. An important component of the work programme at ERIC is establishing a baseline and subsequent on going monitoring of the coral reefs of the region to facilitate effective reef management plans.

    Northeast Tobago comprises a diverse range of ecosystems that in turn support a globally valuable level of biodiversity in terms of at risk and endemic species, migratory, iconic and commercial species, including the IUCN critically endangered hawksbill turtle and the EDGE-recognised Montastraea coral. A one or two week Reef Check EcoExpedition is your opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the development of conservation management in Tobago. Working alongside the marine biologists at ERIC you will attain your Reef Check EcoDiver certification before carrying out daily Reef Check surveys in the area as well as exploratory research dives to help build a comprehensive understanding of the status of the local reefs.

    Additionally, you may have the opportunity to take part in a visit to our tropical forests and engage in marine bird monitoring at one of the largest colonies of magnificent frigatebirds in the Caribbean, as well as attending evening presentations on topics of ecological and conservation interest. As the only operator of Reef Check EcoExpeditions in the Caribbean we offer you a unique opportunity to visit an area of the region that embodies and retains its traditional and pristine nature.

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