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During the 2008 International Year of the Reef (IYOR), help save reefs and share your creativity and culture with others by creating a video using the Year of the Reef Song. Reef Check Foundation (RCF) is running this contest with the goal of getting young people to learn more about the marine environment. In addition to having a lot of fun, you could win great prizes!

About This Contest: Three cash prizes will be awarded to the best group performances of the IYOR Song to help finance events or activities with an educational focus on the marine environment, such as a visit to a local aquarium, trip to the beach, acquisition of marine educational materials, etc.

This is an International Contest, free to enter, and groups from every part of the world are encouraged to participate. Participants must be part of a group (e.g. school, club, religious group, etc.). We will be looking for creative, original videos that reflect your culture and celebrate ocean conservation; technical video quality will not be judged.

Contest Details
Song Lyrics & Lead Sheet
Terms and Conditions

September 15 - January 31, 2008

Submit your group video

February 18 - March 31, 2009
Vote for your favorite videos

Friday April 10, 2009
Winner will be announced on the RCF Singing Contest website and notified via email.

The public will vote for their favorites on the Singing Contest website . Then, from the ten videos with the highest number of votes, judges appointed by RCF will select the winners based on the following criteria:

50% Originality, Creativity and Cultural representation
What it means: We want your video to be original, creative, and to represent your local culture (e.g. Hindu culture) or the style of your music (e.g. rock or reggae).

50% Quality of the Performance
What it means: How well your group sings the song, or--if your group chooses to dance, play instruments, etc. How well are these things executed.

Thanks to the generous support of Body Glove, all Singing Contest Participants will be awarded a cash prize!

$1000 1st Place: Trinidad and Tobago
$600  2nd Place: Netherlands Antilles
$400  3rd Place: Comoros
Dominican Republic
$400 Honorable Mention: American Samoa

In the words of Body Glove President Russ Lesser, “We want them all to be winners, as they all went to a lot of trouble to make those videos.”

In addition, five lucky winners randomly picked from all those who voted online for their favorite video will receive a $50 USD certificate to the and a Reef Check hat and t-shirt.

Thanks to those who sent in videos and those who voted online for their participation in this contest, and to Body Glove, ReefLab and for their committed support to raising awareness among the world’s youth.

1st PlaceYear Of The Reef!

We filmed some of the video at their school during Environmental Club time and the rest of the filming with the children was done at Pigeon Point beach. This is the beach that is directly on Buccoo Reef - a fringing reef here in Tobago. All of the underwater footage was shot here in Tobago and the children have spent lots of time learning about reef identification and underwater interactions.

Organization :
Environmental Club, St. Nicholas School (with Coral Cay Conservation and Buccoo Reef Trust)


Musical instruments used :
We used reason music writer to create most of the song and incorporated into that are horns and steel drums (typical to this part of the world) The steel drums were actually invented in Trinidad and Tobago, the children had lessons in learning how to play this instrument.

Adrian Almandoz (age 6), Clea Almandoz (age 7), Abigail Alleyne (age 4), Shaunnique Bacchus (age 6), Nathan Baksh (age 5), Josephine Broome (age 7), Aaliyah Clarke (age 6), Anella Cruickshank (age 8), Marli Davis (age 5), Kafi Dillon (age 6), Nilanie Homeward (age 5), Esai Hunte (age 4), Brandon Kissoon (age 5), Jenna Persad (age 7), Ariana Philip (age 8), Jayda Scarborough (age 7), Yamanja Trim (age 8), Mathew Wong (age 7).

2nd PlaceSt. Eustatius' Coral Reefs

The video was shot on the beach and surrounding area of Lynch where the reefs protrude from the sea. The seashore is also littered with the elements from the reefs that wash ashore daily. On the day of the video taping the students spent time looking at and inspecting these items on the beach.

Organization :
Lynch Plantation SDA school


Musical instruments used :
Hand Bells

1. Shadrach Blair 6 years, 2. Dejeanee Maduro 6 , 3. Milenia Bennett 8 , 4. Ayanna David 8 , 5. Ruelle Merkman 8 , 6. Akifah Mckenzie 8 , 7. Ishaline Schmidt 8 , 8. Camberly Berkel 8 , 9. Aleeke David 9, 10. Marquita Euson 9, ,11. Sonairise Jansen 9, 12. Shevon Godet 10, 13. Desmond Sobers 10, 14. Chelsea van Putten 10, 15. Gervaughn Berkel 10, 16. Jadisee Courtar 9, 17. Algerene Carty 10, 18.Francisca Dembrook 10, 19. Iodelli Hunte 9, 20. Savannah Lopes 9, 21. Wennifer Lopez 10, 22. Danique Martes 10

3rd PlaceOulanga!

Our video was filmed in our local village of Iconi, which is a big fishing village where many people make a living from the sea and coral reef nearby. We filmed on the beach where we and other young people from the village come to swim every evening. We also filmed in our local medina (ancient centre of the village which dates back to the 15th century) and an ancient fort which dates back to the era of Sultans.

Organization :
Junior Ecoguards ( Environmental Youth Association)

Country : COMOROS

Musical instruments used :
We used guitars and djembe (traditional drums).

Oubeid Soifouane (16 years), Ansaou Abdou (14 years), Ben Yamine Mohamed Kassim (14 years), Ikbal Anisse (12 years), Chamoun Soudjae (18 years).

3rd PlaceLuchando por los arrecifes

The video was filmed at the beach of Punta Rusia, where the youth have grown up snorkeling, fishing, and playing. Now they are working towards conserving it for future generations of Punta Rusia inhabitants.

Organization :
Brigada Verde environmental youth group


Musical instruments used :
Guitar, guira, drums

Eduardo Cabrera Peña (age 15, guitar), Luis Enrique Medina Gomez (age 16, guira), Alberto Peña (age 16, vocalist), Alexis Gomez (age 18, drums)

3rd PlaceYear Of The Reef!

School Premises.

Organization :
Holy Cross Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School

Country : INDIA

Musical instruments used :

Felicia Corwea (age 15), Gnana Sughana (age 15), Nimya (age 16), Richline Corere (age 14), Preethi (age 14), Dulidia (age 14), Mary Leenu (age 16), Goldisha Praisy (age 16), Bismy Cilcega (age 16), Snow Reena (age 16), Rose Nefcy Fernando (age 16), Joseph Crosslin Monisha (age 16), Santhana Priyank Costa (age 16), Jeba Sabthika (age 13), Lourdes Chremoline Fernando (age 14), Neeha Rose Kallingal(age 14), Gladis Machado (age 16), Maria Patricia Peeris(age 14), Flavina(age 15), Tina L. Patterson(age 15), Vasuki (age 16), Sabrina Rayen (age 15).

3rd Place

Singing for the harmonic future

This song was presented on the 10th years anniversary of "Penghu Zooxanthellae association". This NGO group conducted the reef check in local Penghu Archipelago for pass 10 years.

Country: Taiwan

Choir and Soundtrack:
Madarin lyric was written by 胡家璇, 胡家怡.
Choir is Penghu Chung shing elementary school Choir, conducted by 張玳伶.

This choir members are all belong to Penghu Chung shing elementary school, from 10 to 12 years old. Name of the choir members are listed below, in Chinese. 陳怡霖, 董依敏, 李銘杰, 鄭羽真, 陳亭伊, 林語薇, 許芷萱, 陳昕, 葉佳容, 高庭萱, 鄭靖容, 王美善, 王思堯, 王婷, 石方俞, 薛政偉, 陳郁筠, 于媚蓁, 吳佩怡, 葉采琇, 鄒容, 黃映瑄, 王玟心, 許珮琳, 許安婷, 吳瑜珊, 薛彥柔, 許雅琪, 陳莉苹, 呂秀清, 石郡翰, 吳禹頡, 吳冠萱, 高凡淳, 沈佩筠, 王思怡, 藍夢羚, 許若彤, 葉佳貞, 陳俞蓁, 方芷婷, 黃蘭茵, 顏盈蓁, 張家睿, 邱佳琳, 蔡文均, 包宛謙, 李舒婷, 李臻, 陳冠禎

Honorable MentionReef Lovers

We have Video the Song in a celebration party in my Farm in the suburbs of Cairo ( GIZA ) on Nov 14th for the IYOR in private Garden

Organization :
Advanced Divers on Facebook

Country : EGYPT

Musical instruments used :
Original recorded Track

Ahmed Tarek, Mostafa ElRayes, Thoraya Tarek Azmy, Khadiga

Honorable MentionCoral Reefs Inspire Disabled Scuba Diver Kids

The video was made at CIREC Centro Integral de Rehabilitacion Integral beside the swimming pool where the seven disabled kids learned to dive in March of 2008 in order to go to visit the coral reefs of the National Natural Park Corales del Rosario, Cartagena, Colombia. For all of them was a very interesting and therapeutic underwater experience. Feeling the ingravity environment suddenly they did not need to make huge efforts to walk with prosthesis or wheelchairs. They also give to other sport divers a lesson of environmental education about the need to protect coral reefs and monitor the state of health of the reefs.

Organization :
Fundacion ICRI Colombia

Country : COLOMBIA

Musical instruments used :
Guitar and hands clapping

Lina Ardila (17 years old), John Jairo Galvis (24) Guitar Player), Bryan Ochoa (10 ), Dayana Salazar (10 ) Zaira Ruiz Rugeles (12) Daniel Parra (12), Valentina Acosta (10) Daniel Garcia (9)

Honorable MentionASCC - American Samoa Community College

Three locations were used in the video (Pala Lagoon, Fatu Ma Futi, and Su'iga Ula o le Atu Vasa ) and have significance to the primary island of American Samoa, Tutuila. 1) The Pala Lagoon used to support a healthy coral reef ecosystem. However, due to coastal development (ex. airport and vast amounts of sediment and runoff), the water quality and pollution have vastly impacted the health of this habitat. Efforts are underway to restore the lagoon's health (ex. mangrove restoration, beach clean-ups, and education outreach awareness programs).2) Fatu Ma Futi is scenic and is a popular place to visit, swim and snorkel. The area is adjacent to the deepest harbor in the world, Pago Pago. 3) Su'iga Ula o le Atu Vasa, students sitting by the Fale, marks the milestone cultural event, the Pacific Arts Festival was held. The significance of this event is explained by Linda Petersen, Manager of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community's (SPC) Human Development Programme, "It's the most important cultural event in the region, with all Pacific Islands countries and territories coming together to show their customs and traditions and to look at the function of culture in shaping their communities and the future of our region and people." (Island Businesses, 2007, Culture: Milestone for Pacific Art Culture, Tuo Chinula)

Organization :
ASCC - American Samoa Community College


Musical instruments used :
Keyboard & "Patate" (Samoan traditional drum)

1) Lauren Wetzell (Marine Science Coordinator/Instructor, American Samoa Community College) - not in video 2) Derek Toloumu (Education Outreach Coordinator, Coral Reef Advisory Group) - not in video 3) Fred Ahoia (Videographer) - not in video 4) Lemuelu Fauo'o (Keyboardest) - not in video 5) Lavi Fa'aofa (Recorded Song) - not in video The following students were featured in the video: 1) Joseph Iosua 2) HeneryGene Suapilimai 3) Talifaia Tavete 4) Kionasina Palasi 5) Lisa Leituala 6) Elaine Lio 7) Tala


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