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Let’s face it. Many divers get bored seeing the same things on every dive…

Reef Check is the largest coral reef education, monitoring and management program in the world. We provide recreational divers an opportunity to learn more about the coral reefs that they love, and to actively participate in saving them from destruction.

By partnering with Reef Check, your guests will begin to see and appreciate the aquatic environment in a new way, increasing the number of repeat customers. Your clients will feel confident that they have contributed to conserving the reefs that they travel so far to experience.

Reef Check is active in every corner of the tropics. In particular, Reef Check has been working with resorts and dive operations in a growing effort designed to raise awareness about the increasing threats to coral reefs and to inspire support for positive change.

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Reef Check is seeking key industry partners who are interested in investing in a long-term partnership to bridge the gap between coral reef conservation and private sector initiatives.

Market research shows that over 87% of Americans believe that coral reef conservation is very important, and the likelihood of repeat visits by divers is strongly influenced by how well the company is perceived to care for the environment. Reef Check provides an interesting and simple opportunity for divers to become involved in scientific exploration. Your resort will earn a “green” reputation as a company that follows ecologically sound practices.

To learn more about how your resort can provide an exciting diving experience while remaining competitive, please contact us.

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